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Major changes in the top forty music only two months after the kennedy assassination

Whether the impact came from the Kennedy assassination or otherwise, the music industry has changed dramatically since in just 2 months intervening period since the Kennedy assassination, November 22nd.  in this week's survey we have The Beatles arriving in America with a new sound - a d a new number 1number one 'I wanna hold your hand '.  At number 2 we see social change represented in misic. women's lib isshowing its face for the first time with 'you Don't own me' by Leslie Gore.  At number 3 We have the twilight zonish 'out of limits' instrumental by the marketts.At number 4. We have early heavy metal/Garage rock with 'surfing bird' by the trash man and a number of five we have the beginning of the car sound, with Hey Little  Cobra. That's on the hot 100 . even at number 6, we have Louis louis Louis, which was pretty radical at its time with those questionable lyrics and then of course, we still do have a lot of these softer sound from before with the number 7 there I've said it again from Bobby Vi ton , and ' um, um. ... Interesting title by major Lance, anyone who had Heart by Diana Warwick, and  for you By the famous teen idol, Rick nelsen round out the top 10 and the rest of the survey is a little more traditional, but the top 10 or featuring a new sound and then The Beatles do clocking. With yet another number another big hit. She loves you. I believe that was a deview.  I was trying greatest. I will actually it's one of the greatest upper trends that's number 2022 or 20 on the national Huff $100 the local sound local scene. Rather kW b out of Oakland California. We have a similar top 5 with The Beatles number one and I want to hold your hand women's lips showing its face with you. Don't own me by Leslie, Gordon number 2, Hey, little proverbs, number 3.  A little flip-flop was served in bird from the national survey, and add a limit number 4 and then we you have a soft softer one. It's all in the game, not by Tommy Edwards who had the 58 hit, but by rent Brandon song cliff Richards, one of his few hits in the in America, despite the fact he was the Elvis of England tell Him WA's number 6, but not by the exciting. This was by the drew valves. Number 7 a little more hard rock. Early hard rock from the surf and bird surfer bird from the trashmen and little boxes. And interesting kind of semi radical.  Folk song from Pete Seger clock sent at number 9. And shall be checker residents your staying focused soon and number 10 hooked hookahistory of based on his famous giddy, Queen wife from ugly Sweden. Anyway, so definitely changes in the music scene with the new sound of The Beatles and a lot of changes of.  Shall we say social changes in number 2 number 3 and 4? Anyway that should be a littbelow food for thought or music for that

Top 100 Novelty Tunes, Heart and Soul Documentary

Top 100 Novelty Tunes 1953-2000 https://youtube.com/watch?v=hWZ-qJRBLEM&si=ZQ1Rr8-T39gbT7B0

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Christmas Albums, Singles

Seems like everyone had a  Christmas LP or two. Johnny Mathis has four! Many included straight covers of more traditional xmas songs. Others included at least one or two updated versions of songs- the Phil Spector LP being the best example with virtually all songs with the signature Spector Wall of Sound. For thst reason it's hard to topple Spector from the No.1 Christmas LP spot. But Frankie Valli and Four Seasons had several Christmas songs styled in classic four Seasons tradition as did Dion and Fats Domino in their styles with their Xmas 
albums , the latter two coming out lomg after the original rock and roll 'golden era.' Jackie Wilson ranks high on sheer beauty of his vocals as only Wilson can do. For Instrumental, Ventures have it hands down giving their famous surf spin to the classics; the only thing keeping their LP from #1 is perhaps lack of vocals as they do provide their creative update to most of the Christmas songs. NEILS Diamond and Sedaka also had quality Christmas albums albeit in later years.And there are many others we couldn't get to but you can comment below or on our social media

And we didn't forget Elvis, with his unique Elvis touches to classics AND originals, to rank him right up there behind Spector and co. All the others tend to me more traditional, less rock and roll but nonetheless enjoyable.

What are your Christmas faves (not necessarily listed below)

Best Christmas Songs

Fave Christmas songs?
We like some of the more obscure ones you don't hear three times a day- now here they are. What are your three faves?


If everyday were Christmas- Elvis

WHen a Child is Born -Johnny Mathis
Christmas time "

Harry Belafonte:

I heard the Bells on Christmas Day- Belefonte

Honorable mentions:
Christmas in heaven -Jackie Wilson with Billy wards Dominoes

Santa bring my baby back to me -Elvis

Most meaningful / Best Christmas lyrics:

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Oldies Radio Still on Air

FROM Rockin Richard, 54 years on the air!: THE 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION CONTINUES ON WNHU-FM RADIO FROM THE NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT AREA! Please “SHARE” this post with other oldies fans of the 50’s 60’s era!
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You can request any song by sending it to rockinrichardradio@yahoo.com
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-Will post more, like :

-Jim Santa Barbara' Wax Museum WESU,(50 YEARS) Saturdays at 3 pm

- Johnny Brooklyn, KPOO, San Francisco -  Blues, Oldies and More( 40 years  going back )Thursdays 3 pm , Pacific

- Wild Wayne's MEMORY Machine, WWUH, Connecticut (40+ YEARS) Sundays 6 pm Eastern

- Street Corner Serenade WWUH
, Doug Steven's,  Sat 1 pm

-Moondog Serenade with Big AL and others WESU Sat 11 am E

KEWB, Oakland CA Nov 22 , 1963-'Assasination week', if you will , 60 years ago, marking beginning of Sea Change in the music- some say the day the using died (again). > 


Saturday, November 25, 2023

60 Years Later, JFK's Interrupted Dream Remains Unfulfilled - How One Man Made A Difference

MLK Jr Had A Dream, JFK Tried To Fulfill That Dream 60 years ago ... a dream that to this day still awaits to become reality. If anything, the Dream has probably been set back further, 'thanks' to one tragic day, Nov 22 , 1963 from which we've never recovered.  Fascinating article , 'A Dream Interrupted,'  from Steve Bhaerman, inspired by James Douglass' book. It's a well-sourced , well-written view of how politics and personal ego got in the way and destroyed the dreams and the positive direction of one great man , who lost his life- and the world lost its moral compass. As a kid, a noticed an immediate Sea Change in society and culture . Hard to believe one man  could have made thst much difference , but, now I am really believing it- with my new knowledge from this fine read>>>

Steve Bhareman traces back todays society ills to that fateful day in 1963 , 60 years ago when we lost our moral compass, as it were, in perhaps the foremost leader of our time, who in three short years did what those followed could not- keeping the peace, tranquility and ń§appy Days . Great read, as well as the referenced good by Douglass >>>

I am an involved JFK affianado and assasination devotee still trying to understand what happened back as a 11 year old  who couldn't finish my lunch on that dark day , Nov 22, 1963, when I heard the news of the Unspeakable tragedy. 

My belief  'pendulum' keeps swinging back and forth and now it has swung back more towards the government's/CIA's involvement or possibly Castro's. Originally,  I was one of many brainwashed by the Warren report but all alomg never forgot Lee Harvey Oswald'a last words, 'I'm a patsy' only minutes before i watched as he, too, was, unfortunately, shot down as I watched,  horrified, on TV. Now, more than ever, I believe those last words from Oswald. BHAREMAN and Douglass show how the warhawk 'military complex' and 'all politics' VP Lyndon Johnson were against Kennedy's pacifistic efforts to get get us out of the Cuban waters and his attempted prevention of the coming Vietnamese war.

I've long said that todays problems in America date back 60 years to thst 'day the music died, ' as it were, along with our collective conscious'.

Of course the music continued albeit with an edginess- we got the talented Beatles and related for awhile- but seemed to me like the spirit came out of the balloon (if I may make a weak analogy) as society mourned -but only to some extent. Some, like the new president, Johnson, used the occasion to his advantage, doing what his warlords wanted with Vietnam- what he thought politically expedient. It backfired on Johnson but the damage was done. America lost its innocense- we all need a dose of that- and started turning mean-spirited. One cause celeb after another. War and protest was becoming a part of the new American way. 

Apparently, the media was already begginning to assert itself -even going so far as to disparage the late JFK for his alleged multiple affairs, instead of remembering him for how he got US out of the Cuban crisis and his attempts to quell the uprisings in Vietnam before that was shot down, as well as his  positive outlook, which served as a beacon. Perhaps Kennedy was the last role model President. As a personal aside, I was fortunate enough to see and hear Kennedy speak at the Charter Day address in 1962 at .U.C. Berkeley, before over 50,000! (My mother took me.) I don't think any president since then could begin to attract such a throng...

With all the 'propaganda' in America today we've become like the Russia we used to rail against. And so it goes. We've gone 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Maybe you can't blame it ALL on the Kennedy assasination but, after reading this fine treatise, I now believe more than ever that Kennedy WAS, perhaps, the BUDDY HOLLY of the entire society and culture , and when we lost him we lost not only the music,  but the good conscience  throughout all of society!

While we're at it, the music of the Kennedy 'Camelot' early-60s era never got its fair due in that early pioneering rock and roll time when even Elvis was still disdained by many. HOLLY may have died but there was still great, melodic and rythmic music, albeit a slightly softer sound. We can also thank Kennedy for his contribution to these 'Happy Days' sounds that were a reflection of his positive leadership, unlike the darker days and years that would follow Kennedy indefintely.  To continue Steve's way of thinking, musically, perhaps you might enjoy reading: http://oldiescountry.blogspot.com/2023/09/rock-roll-in-kennedys-americaa-cultural.html?m=1


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Peter Asher and Albert Lee Great American (and UK) Nostalgia Tour

Gordon may no longer be with us as Peter Asher's sidekick, but Albert Lee--longtime lead guitarist for Everly Brothers-was a wonderful standin Sept 14, 2023 in Healdsburg and Sept 15 in San Jose. No longer Peter and Gordon, call it the Peter and Albert show with these long time UK friends reprising several P and G hits as well as some Ebsrlybsonvs and other songs they had been associated with. Not onlyndisbwe get to hear their wonderful  But we also got to hear their divergent backgrounds like a living history of their career paths. The boys have now been touring together, off and on , for many years but the show is still fresh and delightful with a heavy dose of nostalgia and some great stories,  some of which you can hear below...in process. Come back soon